Traveling to Delhi – Everything You Need to Know

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Delhi is one of the oldest and the most mysterious cities in the world. It is bewitching, sultry, and confusing. This is a whole world in just one place – special and mysterious – where you can see a lot of temples and religious shrines, sandy beaches, and authentic architecture. Got interested in going to Delhi? So, when planning a trip, decide what you expect of it – whether you need a relaxed beach holiday, an active pastime with elephant riding, cheap shopping, or yoga. Prepare a plan in advance because you will not be able to do everything in one short trip.

international airlines delhi

Legal Aspect of Your Travel

India has recently simplified the order of entry for many countries by opening a visa upon arrival. Today, it is only necessary to get an electronic permission, without resorting to bureaucratic visa center services. Just submit an online application yourself three days before the trip and go through a biometric check at the airport for a 30-day visa upon arrival.

It is possible to get to India without buying a tour, and if you book a ticket in advance, you can save a lot when using low-cost services. On average, a ticket for a charter flight to Delhi with a transfer in Istanbul will cost approximately USD 650. The price for the flight to Goa with a transfer in Sharjah starts from USD 530 – USD 660. People flying to Mumbai can buy a ticket for USD 500 – USD 1100. The cost of the ticket depends on the airline, time, flight type, as well as many other factors, but even the cheapest flight will cost at least USD 500.

What to Be Ready to in Delhi?

You will be surprised to see so many loafers, scammers, and thieves on the streets of India. Unfortunately, you can hardly get rid of their importunity, but you can weaken their interest in yourself if you do not pay attention to them and keep calm. They soon get tired of running after you. But if they bother you, call the police loudly. With the aim of protecting, store all valuable things and money in the hotel safe. If you do not want to become a victim of a thief, acquire padlocks and wallets in advance.

On the top of that, girls should wear clothes that cover their shoulders and legs. In such a way, you will not only avoid unnecessary male attention but also protect yourself from scorching sun rays. The rules of conduct adopted in India should be respected. Before you go on an excursion, find out the rules that are introduced in this place. Before you enter the temple, you usually take off your shoes and be properly dressed.

Delhi is a magic place. However, in order to enjoy your trip, it is necessary to be ready to some country features and follow all the set rules. Only in this case, your trip will become really interesting and safe.


  1. With planes in Dali, everything is fine, but there are big problems with the trains …

  2. What are the low cost flights to Delhi? I would like to travel as cheaply as possible.

  3. It is very good that there are many ways to get to Delhi by plane. The main thing is not to be afraid to fly 🙂

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